Reign of Thule



Launch Day ::: Friday, July 9

Reign of Thule launch is coming! 7/9/2021. Join our Discord for real time updates!

+ Classic Phase 1: 7/9/21- Classic Everquest old world with Temple of Sol Ro released.
+ Classic Phase 2: 9/10/21 - Plane of Fear, Hate, and Sky open.
+ Classic Phase 3: 11/5/21 - The Hole opens.

+ Kunark Phase 1: 1/7/22 - Kunark with Epic quests available.
+ Kunark Phase 2: 4/8/22 - Talendor, Severilous, Faydedar, and Gorenaire begin spawning.
+ Kunark Phase 3: 7/9/22 - Veeshan's Peak opens.

+ Velious: 1/7/23 - Velious opens.

We hope to see you in Norrath!

Server Status: Online

Spectate ::: Streams

Note: Streams will go here in the future: Post in Discord if you plan to stream the server/EQ and wish to be added.

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X Download Install Files

How to Play

  1. Download the installer (
  2. Extract (My Documents/pvp or C:/Program Files/thulewashere, etc.)
  3. Run our eqemupatcher.exe (To avoid any issues, Run as Administrator)
  4. Make an Loginserver account @
    • Optional: First, make an account on eqemulator forums, to manage loginserver accounts
  5. Login and Play!

Step 1 - Our Installer/Patcher

To play on our server you need the RoF2 client, which is a different client than the typical EQEmu install guides using Titanium. The client has a lot of advantages over Titanium, from faster zone load times, to general overall better play experience. The good news is, we've packed it all together.

Download the Install Files here. This will give you all the files needed to play on our server.

Step 2 - Forum Account
Note: while true in the past, it is no longer required to have an EQEmulator Forum Account to create Loginserver accounts. If you do not have an EQEmulator Forum Account you can skip the "EQEmulator Account Link" step. If you DO have an EQEmulator forum account, then it is recommended to link the accounts together so that they can both be managed.

If you choose to manage your loginserver accounts w/ an overall forum account, there are two distinct accounts that must be created before you can log into the game. The first is the eqemulator forum account. A forum account alone can not be used to log into the game, but can be used to manage any number of Loginserver accounts which will let you log in and play.

Please note that you will be required to validate your email address when registering. You are also strongly advised to attach an SMS Phone Number to your account for security reasons. Although this is not required, it is the only way to recover loginserver passwords.

Make sure that you continue returning to the Account Setup page to complete creation of your Loginserver accounts once your Forum account has been activated.

Step 3 - Done! Launching & Playing
You're ready to play! Remember to NEVER launch "Everquest.exe" or patch the game. Doing this will require you to completely reinstall!

Use, eqemupatcher.exe to patch and launch them game! You can also use eqgame.exe with patchme appended to the shortcut name. e.g. "C:/Program Files/ReignofThule/eqgame.exe patchme"

If you experience problems with running Everquest after following these instructions, please visit our discord.